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If interested in being signed as a client by Rich Celenza Consulting, the first step is to go through an orientation process that is done personally or by Skype to give our consulting firm a better understanding of what the potential client is looking to accomplish. If Rich Celenza Consulting believes we can help provide guidance and believes the potential client is serious, committed and truly believes that the potential client is committed to taking their career or personal life to the next level; we will work out a schedule from there.

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Rich Celenza Consulting

Welcome to Rich Celenza Consulting - A critically acclaimed International Entertainment and Fashion Consulting firm geared toward Clients who are interested in taking their careers and personal life to the highest level. Rich Celenza Consulting specializes in Film, Fashion, Modeling, Health, Fitness and Makeovers.

Rich Celenza Consulting is committed to help teach its Clients the skills and work ethic to become the very best they can be and help take their dreams and turn them into a reality.

Clients learn how to excel without any excuses ever getting in the way. Clients will learn how to succeed in business and in their personal life. They will also be taught how to achieve goals and learn that with the right knowledge, passion and desire to never give up; that they can and will succeed. Our Clients learn how to believe in themselves regardless what they set out to do and bring out the best in their personality and will have the time of their lives doing so.

Rich Celenza Consulting also works with a team of experts globally which gives Clients access to some of the most qualified and skilled experts in the world.

Our goals when consulting is to always be honest, upfront and always conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism. Our Clients receive professional training that is far more advanced than any of the other of its kind.

Theres no such thing as perfection, but if you don't aim for it, you won't even get close.


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Besides Modeling, we also have a team of consultants that offers consulting in Fashion, Health, Fitness, Entertainment, Film, Music, and Screenwriting.



Rich Celenza was born into the fashion / entertainment industry. His father’s family claims almost a century in the fashion industry. Originating in the town of Vasto Italy, they came to eventually own and operate the largest garment shop in the city of Chicago. As a little boy, Rich spent a great deal of time at his aunt and uncle’s clothing factory learning about the garment industry. In fact, most of his immediate family members were tailors, designers and models.

Rich’s father didn’t have an interest in the garment industry so he opened his own restaurant / nightclub, getting Rich involved in his father's business from a very young age by teaching him how to book talent (musical acts, comedians). Rich grew up checking out acts of the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elton John, James Brown, Madonna, Prince, Lionel Richie, Barry Manilow, Carole King, Tower of Power, Michael Bolton, Bernie Mac, Sam Kinison, Andrew Dice Clay and hundreds of others. As he grew into his later teens, Rich decided to follow in his family’s footsteps into fashion, going into modeling and graduating from Barbizon Modeling School in Chicago. After graduating, he soon made his way into acting, writing, directing and eventually producing full feature films, shorts and commercials.

After completing his second feature film in 2005, Rich decided to go back to his roots and design his own clothing line, “SoreLoser Wear”, a clothing line for people who hate to lose. While working on marketing “SoreLoser Wear” and raising funding for his third feature film, Rich was asked to work for Neiman Marcus in which he accepted and soon had the opportunity to take his knowledge of fashion to the next level and also have the opportunity to once again work with many different people in the fashion industry. Even though Rich loved working for Neiman Marcus, he ended up having to leave to work on producing his third and fourth feature films along with teaching his daughter acting / modeling. Rich’s daughter soon become one of the most known runway Models in the entire southeast of the country at just 9 years old. People from all over the country found out that Rich was the one who was training his daughter and started asking him if he could share his teaching techniques not only in Modeling but in Fashion, Film and many different aspects of the entertainment industry. Rich soon found himself wanting to help struggling up and coming talent because he understood not only how hard it is to break into the entertainment and fashion industries, but also how much dishonesty surrounds these businesses. Rich realized that more and more people needed proper honest guidance so that’s when Rich decided to open his very own consulting firm.

Rich currently is working on his Fourth Feature film and also just completed his first book “The Model Bible - A Must-Have Guide for Anyone Interested in Becoming a Female Model.”

Rich is currently working on a new book entitled “Wing Man - The Ultimate Guide to getting the Woman of Your Dreams.”

"There's no such thing as perfection, but if you don't aim for it, you won't even get close.". Quote: Rich Celenza


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