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One of the top business experts in the world.

"As one of the top business thought leaders in the world, I have been asked to review hundreds of training programs. I went through the modules and listened to the audio sessions and this is one of the few training courses that actually delivers what it promises. If you want to meet the woman of your dreams, there is some excellent advice here that will help you achieve that goal.”

RICH CELENZA’S Critically Acclaimed Books


Endorsed by #1 Matchmaker in North America

RICH CELENZA’s biographical fun guide gives short-cuts in the how to in magnetically attracting beautiful and intelligent bachelorettes. Written in “guy language” it surely will appeal to most men as reading it makes you feel you are attending a men’s group weekend.”Wing Man” is unique and to the point. I suggest reading the last page first. The last line is my favorite, “The moment you realize you don’t need anyone to make you complete is when you are” Well done RICH!
Sara Oracle – Founder and Matchmaker


Gina Masters, Former Agency Director for John Casablancas Model Talent Management.

As a John Casablancas Graduate, turned model, into modeling instructor, then Educational Director, and finally to Agency Director, I’m a bit concerned The Model Bible may put Modeling Schools out of business. The Model Bible is real advise and facts about the modeling industry you won’t find anywhere else.


Kevin Kachin PhD / Creator of Limitless Brain

RICH CELENZA is the most driven person that I have ever encountered. Regardless of the setting, he possesses an innate ability to bring people from all backgrounds together to truly become a team that works toward a common goal. His loyalty, integrity, and altruism are unmatched and are the reasons why people gravitate toward him and perform their best when working with him. He is the model for a person who always works to align his choices and his behaviors with his values and, as such, is the consummate professional.

Jerome Courshon / Film Producer

I’ve gotten to know RICH CELENZA through his movie “Insanity” that he produced & directed. As I encounter and see many finished movies in need of distribution, I of course see many mediocre, bad, or poorly executed movies. I was pleasantly surprised when watching “Insanity.” Not only is this movie cuts above many indie films, I also could clearly see the talent that RICH possesses. In a difficult business to succeed in — as the entertainment business is — I have no doubt RICH will be very successful.

Guy Petruzzelli - Crossfit Iron Flag Professional Athlete / Coach / Actor

I had the pleasure of working with Rich on a couple full length films and can't say enough about his professionalism, attention to detail and overall passion for what he was doing. When Rich puts his name on something, he refuses to put out an inferior product. I remember shoots starting in the late evening - we often shot on location and had to wait until off hours to shoot- and doing multiple takes to get the shot he wanted. He worked tirelessly to make the each scene better than the prior, and poured his heart and soul into his work. Although there were times when the cast was tired, or feeling burned out, we had to look no further than Rich for inspiration, knowing he hadn't slept in days, yet managed to remain focused, upbeat and completely present in the moment. Making "Sore Losers" and "Insanity" were not only great experiences for me professionally, I learned much more personally as to what it takes to have resilience, drive and desire. You can rest assured that Rich's passion for helping others with his "Mastering Self Confidence” will be backed with the same amount of detail, precision and care as he put into his films.

Marty Durkin - Regional Vice President of Sales, Montage Furniture Services

"Rich, is a versatile, high-energy, professional with a multi-faceted background. His willingness to assist and offer his creative insight to any number of our clients has helped us to earn their trust. He has successfully managed several critical projects for our company that have resulted in increased revenue. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip ups, just results Rich Celenza is your man.”

Margaret Jarvis - Literary Editor

The first time I edited something for Rich Celenza was back in 2012 when he was working on “The Model Bible”. I was astonished at the huge amount of information Rich had to offer on the subject of how to become a model. And it was a bit of a challenge to edit: Rich writes as if he were talking to you, so it is fascinating to read, as he includes little anecdotes about his life that invariably make you want to know more! And so how to tame this spontaneous, amusing, honest stream of consciousness without completely killing its style? I realized that what was unique about Rich’s approach was that he was writing entirely from his own experience, which is what makes his advice so valuable. So much of what we encounter online these days is second-hand, re-hashed information. With Rich’s books, on the other hand, you know you are getting a genuine account of what has worked for him, the lessons he has learned, the practicalities, and it is all presented in a down-to-earth, encouraging but realistic way. “The Model Bible”, incidentally, is a good read in itself, but would serve any aspiring model well as a reference book, as it is actually very well organized, making it easy to find the topics that interest you. His next book, “Wing Man”, with advice for men who are looking for the woman, or women of their dreams, is written in a similar free-wheeling style, full of valuable tips and detailed content, entertaining but also relevant, delivered with complete sincerity. Here Rich takes on the persona of a helpful older brother, not afraid to divulge those tantalizing little details that qualify him as an expert in his field. And it has to be said that this is no cheap guide on how to be a successful pick-up artist. On the contrary, Rich’s writing reveals that he has real respect for women, including women of any age, and this is what makes “Wing Man” a winner not only in terms of the massive amount of useful information it contains, but also as a book that is fun and interesting to read. And naturally, many women are attracted to the book too! The next natural step has been for Rich to adapt his books and turn them into online courses. The first one to be made available, “Mastering Self Confidence” or “Finding the Woman of your Dreams, even if you’ve been through a bad breakup or divorce”, is set up as 7 levels, with intriguing sub-titles such as “How to Impress not Depress”, arranged into 9 sessions that include 45 hours of video clips. This is where Rich really excels, as his voice and personality are among his strongest gifts, as evidenced in his Podcast series, entitled “WTF are you talking about?” In my opinion, better than therapy! Rich always goes beyond the superficial with his content – this is so much more than a “what to wear, what to say” guide. His take on building confidence extends into many areas of life, with good, sound advice on everything from fashion to fitness to grooming, and more, whether it’s a matter of pursuing casual dating or perhaps something more serious. Not surprisingly Rich’s creativity, not to mention his generosity, has led him to another project, designing an App, known as U around, intended to help friends stay connected, particularly in times of crisis. The idea is for members to have instant access to each other when there is some kind of emergency, so that the nearest and most available in the group can answer the call. A very promising sideline indeed!"

John Fairclough / CEO Resicom

"RICH is an extremely talented man. His creativity and perspective provide the differentiators for the work he produces. He sees things before they happen, then he slows them down in his mind so that he can make each piece right, then he executes it. He is one of the few people who are in the business that absolutely captures the essence of that person. I recommend RICH and his services without hesitation.”

Tony Benedia - District Manager - Sodexo Education

I have known RICH for several years. He has always been a hard worker and a person of integrity. RICH would walk into a room and make everyone feel comfortable. His sense of humor is contagious. RICH would be an asset to any organization that would hire him.

Dean Pompilio Senior Technical Trainer - EC-Council ISACA ISC2 CompTIA

"I have worked with Rich Celenza on several projects in recent years. I had a small role in his Insanity movie and designed the website for the film. I also had the opportunity to design the initial SoreLoser website and corporate logo. Rich had very strong convictions about what he wanted for these projects and had the ability to articulate his opinion in detail. Very few people have Rich's rare combination of abilities. He is relentlessly upbeat and he has a compelling artistic vision. His attention to detail and dedicated work ethic are vital to his success. Rich also possesses an infectious and sarcastic sense of humor. His passion for the entertainment industry has also given me a much needed push towards my own goals."

Miguel Martinez - Civil Engineer

I have personally and professionally known Rich Celenza for 30 years. He is extremely well versed in many aspect of men's life including working out, dining, cars, sport, etc. Rich is hands down the most knowledgeable person I know with regards to men's fashion... a true fashionista!

Angeline Fatigato - Scenic Artist / Painter at Studio Mechanic Local #476

"Rich Celenza is THE MAN. He is a mover and a shaker, the guy you call to get fashion sense from, he knows where to go for the best food, he is who you call for encouragement, he is the life of the party and doesn't take himself too seriously even though he is intense & means business. When you're with Rich you're going to laugh, learn about life & current events, hear great ideas, be inspired and feel lighter in your loafers even though he is as straight as they come. He is terribly creative and innovative. He needed to be a big dude so God could fit all that talent into one person. He's approachable and down to earth but he won't put up with any BS either. He is a man's man, a ladies man and a kid at heart. When Rich is in your corner, no one will go to bat for you more than him. He's a stand up guy that I am proud to say I'm related to. A man with the kahoona's of a shark!”

Katie Uhlmann - Host of KATIE CHATS

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Rich. We met when I interviewed him for TTN-HD Production Live. Rich is one of the few people that I know, who will go out of his way to help other people without asking anything in return. A rare quality these days. He is also one of the hardest working people that I know. Another rare quality these days.”

PAUL GERMAINE Sales and Business Development Consulting

"I had the pleasure of working on a project with Rich a few years ago. During my association with him I found him to be very dedicated and focused. Rich is creative, well organized and makes the most out of the time he has with his people, ultimately maximizing results while minimizing cost. He went out of his way to make all the players involved in the project comfortable and yet had no problem pushing for better performance.”

Lori Hagstrom - Artist

"As a mentor to Rich for the past 25 years, I can disclose with pride and excitement that he is a hidden treasure of talent and style on his way to the top. Guiding him through his teens while involving him in modeling school he fluourished on the runway. Looking back on his graduation, I remember thinking how hard he worked to achieve his goals. Now he embraces hard work and strives for complete success in every avenue of his business and does it with impeccable, Rich Celenza STYLE!”

Dennis Fredrickson / Spahn-Breckinridge & Associates

A while back, Rich had me do a screen test for a film he was writing and directing. I got the part and had occasion to work with him on a number of occasions. I found him to be hard working, focused and true to his craft. I was fascinated by the whole process of film making and learned a lot from Rich.

Dan Hunter - Owner Yellow Trigger Films

I've worked with Rich in all aspects of film and business, and have the pleasure of being his friend as well. Rich is extremely business and detail oriented when it comes to his craft. He knows movies and the business behind making them work, definitely a great guy to have on your team, or leading you through the trenches to a successful goal.

Gary Bender Sr. - Contract Operations Manager at George S Hall Inc.

"I remember Rich offering to help an out of work stranger in his search for work several years ago. Rich had nothing to gain by helping this out of work guy, but still offered up help him with leads, advice etc. I know because I was the unemployed guy. Rich is a rare breed, ready to help strangers , for no other reason than just being Rich. Check out Rich's videos and podcast, there's nothing phony about this guy, he's the real deal, take him or leave him, he owns who he is, something I really respect! "

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