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THE RICH CELENZA SHOW – WTF Are You Talking About? is for the man (or any woman) who wants to watch and hear a no-nonsense show that is unscripted and extremely raw. Audio / Video footage is not staged and discussions are real and uncensored. RICH captivates audiences with his views on by keeping it real and adding a dose of his entertaining stories from his past. He infuses his humor in everything discussed, but with a gut punch of reality the way only RICH CELENZA can. Having written two books on the topics of modeling and how to find the woman of your dreams, RICH CELENZA also provides men who need a ”tell it like it is” approach to help guide them in the right direction.

RICH CELENZA’S Critically Acclaimed Books

Endorsed by #1 Matchmaker in North America

RICH CELENZA’s biographical fun guide gives short-cuts in the how to in magnetically attracting beautiful and intelligent bachelorettes. Written in “guy language” it surely will appeal to most men as reading it makes you feel you are attending a men’s group weekend.”Wing Man” is unique and to the point. I suggest reading the last page first. The last line is my favorite, “The moment you realize you don’t need anyone to make you complete is when you are” Well done RICH!
Sara Oracle – Founder and Matchmaker

Gina Masters, Former Agency Director for John Casablancas Model Talent Management.

As a John Casablancas Graduate, turned model, into modeling instructor, then Educational Director, and finally to Agency Director, I’m a bit concerned The Model Bible may put Modeling Schools out of business. The Model Bible is real advise and facts about the modeling industry you won’t find anywhere else.


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